February 15, 2015

What this country needs is some serious competition in the Internet Service Provider market. Really! In most developed countries one can get 10Mbps for about $10/month. Here's what $36/month gets you in Chico California:
And yes, that's actual measured speed, at actual 15-minute intervals, for over three and a half years. Sucks, doesn't it?

Oh, and before I get the inevitable "Wow, you checked internet speed every 15 minutes for three and a half years? Get a life!" comment, I should point out that I wrote a script to collect the data automatically for me and just left it running. (No, I did not click on internetspeedcheck.com 129,254 times!)

This is horrible. This is 1/10 the speed one can get for half this price in South Korea. You can't get internet this slow in France. I suppose I could go to Comcast, but I'd rather give myself an appendectomy with a screwdriver.

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